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LFS 0.6E.

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Posté le: Jeu 29 Nov - 19:37 (2012) Répondre en citant

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Chers Membres du forum.
Je vous presente la version 0.6E d'lfs.
Apres 12 Test Patchs.

List of changes from 0.6B to 0.6E :

Improved multiplayer system :

Guest only needs host packets to continue processing
No waiting for packets from players with slow connections
Leaving a host is instantaneous even if a guest is connecting
Longer timeouts avoid disconnection due to short interruptions

New TCP packet buffering and storage system :

Reduces the number of physical packets sent
Major improvement when many InSim buttons are sent
Fixes some ways to lose connection on a busy server

New "instant" join system using cached packets :

Much faster connection to multiplayer hosts
Connection appears instant to the other guests
You can pit / spectate / etc. while a player is connecting
No OOS caused by joining while objects are added or removed

Other multiplayer updates :

New hacking protection and cheat detection systems
Improved user name checks during and after connection
Lag bars at bottom left show ping or delay of all guests
Ping time (or delay) shown as number in list of connections
OOS / CPW messages now show user name instead of player name
Instead of "LAG (seconds)" now "name (seconds)" is displayed
No buffer overflows from hangs or operating system time changes
Auto rename when you join a host with someone else's player name
User name in brackets now shown at end of disconnection messages
Left / right click on player name in replay now works as online
Race setup screen /clear command can now only be used by admins
Use of UDP or TCP is shown beside host name in connections list
Removed notification sound when a car is spectated by an admin
Added /player command to dedicated host setup.cfg file

LFS World statistics fixes :

Wrong PB recorded if custom checkpoints added without restart
Live host progress did not show changes to laps or qualifying
After forced to spectate by admin - status remained "in race"
Adding an AI driver changed real player's status to "in race"
Spectating from garage screen left player's status "in pits"

Other changes :

Latvian training lessons now included
Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
Maximum marshall circles increased from 96 to 120
Maximum autocross objects increased from 800 to 900
Pit exit direction arrow now works in open configurations
SHIFT + N : sound on / off now works in multiplayer screens

InSim :

Added new leave reasons (CPW / OOS / JOOS / HACK) for IS_CNL
Change to in-game usage of IS_REO - only valid after SMALL_VTA

Fixes :

Custom view was not set to new car type on replay restart
Duplicate lines in scripts could cause unexpected results
Virtual speedo sometimes overlapped numbers (e.g. XRG km/h)
Leaving garage screen could cause problems with a car script
User's controller type was not shown after taking over a car
SHIFT+R near end of SPR could make cars swap between players
Circuit length is no longer displayed for open configurations
Remote car with brakes on started to roll if reset on a slope
LFS could crash when displaying laps for fuel after short laps
Ready status in lobby is now checked when a player disconnects
Load WE1R on dedicated host - Checkpoint 1 path node not found
Short MP Replays were sometimes extended to a time of 10:55.36
It was possible to make an AI driver join with a disallowed car
Message typed while watching replay appeared as written by host
Message "Max guest cars : X" now shown in the selected language
Cars intersected if players joined autocross at the same time
An unusual state in which LFS displayed only a blank screen
Two instances of LFS no longer write to the same MPR / SPR

1) Auto Updater
Mise a jour proposé lors du chargement des serveurs

2) Manual Installeur (3.9MB)

3) Manual Archive (2.1MB)

4)Version complete (135MB)
Inutile si vous avez deja LFS! Appliquez la methode 1 ou la 3:Prenez le lfs.exe de l'archive.
La 2 Si vous avez envie.
Dedicated Host :

• ---> Corrections de bugs
• ---> Langues roumain et indonesien ajoutes
• ---> Protection anti hack et tweak (teleport mod etc) Amelioré en B15+B16
• ---> Connexion a un serveur plus rapide
• ---> On peut choisir de quel cote sortir des stands dans le fichier setup d'un dedicated. Pratique pour les serveurs cruise
• ---> 1 barre de lag a la place plusieurs qui correspond a chaque joueur
• ---> Une barre a coté de chaque nom dans la liste des connexions pour le temps de reponse exprimée en Secondes
• ---> Shift+n marche en multiplayer (son oui ou non)
• ---> Nouvelles raison d'etre deconnecter d'un serveur
• ---> SI l'on envoi trop de message d'insim (airio par exemple ) il y a des probabilités d'etre deconnecter
• --->Correctins du bug B10 : Hotlap qui ne s'enregistre pas
• --->Le Ping ne s'exprime plus en Milisecondes si il est superieur a 1 seconde.
• --->Connection aux serveurs encore plus rapide
• --->Risque de faire Kick retiré quand quelqun modifie un layout
• --->ENFIN: Aller dans les stands ou sortir quand quelqun se connecteLe nom est automatiquement changé en cas de conflit
• --->Commande /player ajoute pour les serveur en dedi
• ---> Couleur changés ( Connexion/Deconnexion)
• ---> Et d'autres
• --->Message d'avertissement si votre nom est automatiquement renommé en cas de conflit

Traduit Par mes soins

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Merci Scawen.  
Edit: Dedicated 0.6E

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pas de screen pour la s3 

mais bon enfin le multi et beaucoup plus fluide comme ca. :D

EDIT : j'ai juste changer tout les "C" pour des "D" 
EDIT 2 : et maintenant 'E' 

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